A404(M) Maidenhead Bypass

Visitor Comments:

Chris Williams comments:

"Your Photo Gallery on this motorway raises a point about the signing - the white sign pointing down the A601(M) directing traffic to Kirkby Lonsdale & Over Kellett Quarries actually replaced a blue sign which was correct - this white sign gives a misleading impression to road users that this isn't a motorway route - in fact there is no reason for it to be - the Motorway Regulations can easily be terminated at the ends of the exit sliproads from the M6 itself and the A601(M) resigned as B6254 in white from the B6254 itself then A6 from the M6 roundabout to the A6 roundabout itself - but then again the Highways Agency do appear to have a mental abberation against showing B - road exits on motorway signposts!!!! I'm writing to Lancs. County Council with my comments!!!

A precedent for this was the A36 Link at Ower/Totton from J2 of the M27 - when the A326 Totton Link opened the Motorway Regulations in the A36 link were cancelled (although a "No Cycling" restriction is still in force on it) and the road resigned in green."

Russell Oakes updates us:

"Just a line to say that the scrabby bridge on the A601(M) has been painted a very nice blue! So no-one visiting Morecambe Bay from the north needs to see a horiible bridge anymore!"

Stephen Cragg with some local information:

I was born in Carnforth and my parents lived in the area before that. My Dad had a job (1958 / 1959) as a pipe layer when they were building the motorway in this area. My parents lived in Carnforth from then till 1981, but still go there every week to visit friends and relatives.

Vicky Lamburn spots something I've missed completely:

Just looking at this page and noticed the fourth photo in for the A601(M); the sign in the middle appears to have a patch over what could have been a route number, which looks just wide enough to state M6.

Probably stating the obvious, but just thought I'd mention it :)

Martin Rowe adds some information about a potential A601(M) extension:

J35 to J35A of the M6 continued to be designated M6 on O.S. maps and road maps after the M6 was extended north into Cumbria in the 1970s. If you think about it, if J35A wasn't on the M6, why wasn't known as A601(M) J1 ?

This short section of M6 from J35 to J35a was only later redesignated A601(M). Until then there were 2 M6 motorways north of Carnforth!

Later, when the eastern A601(M) was added for the quarry, the M6 spur to 35a was redesignated A601(M). But the junction is still 35A!


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