A6(M) Stockport North-South Bypass (east)

Visitor Comments:

Peter Edwardson:

Just a small point - the M60 doesn't actually lose a lane at J25. It used to, but the section through the junction was widened from 2 lanes to 3 when the final section of the M60 was completed.

Even beforehand, it wasn't a lane drop - Lane 3 disappeared, and then the slip road peeled off to the left about 400 yards later.

I see we now have a scan of the notorious "22-lane" junction at Offerton, although as shown on your map it doesn't seem to come to more than 14 at any one point."

Bill Bailey's all in favour of the A6(M):

As anyone who lives in the Bredbury/Romiley/Marple/Woodley area will know, the lack of this road is quite disastrous. Local roads (especially A560 and A626) are congested at all times of the day, and when a closure takes place the results are appalling. Never was a relief road needed so much

Barry Mercer has some news on site:

Well, they have now installed a crash barrier to the right of the M60, effectively cutting off what would be the A6(M) junction. ie, following the solid line on the right of this bit of road in your photo here.

Also, some work appears to be going on, the crash barrier being some of it. I think they are installing a 50mph SPECS system around that sharp bend... A few 'greyed out' signs have appeared and there is some digging of holes and laying of cables...

Ryan comments [Dec 07]:

I feel there should be a comment on the strange entry point of the slip onto the M60 anticlockwise at junction 15 here.

The slip is horrendously long and then enters on the wrong side of the motorway, right into the fast land. Obviously, this is because it was meant to join the A6 (M) a long way back, before the M60 from the west joins the M60 northbound/A6 (M).


Stockport North-South Bypass (east)



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