Society for all British and Irish Road Enthusiasts (SABRE)

A chat and discussion group about all things UK and Irish roads based.

Chris's British Road Directory (CBRD)

Chris Marshall's site including the famous Motorway Database, the British Roads FAQ and many other reference guides.

Rural Roads

Simon Davies's site, which looks at some of the lesser featured routes, where the scenery always seems to take precedence!

Major Roads of Great Britain

Perhaps the original UK Roads site, Richard Green's site includes topics such as Secret Motorways, articles on the numbering system, and readers' Q&A. It also includes the original Pathetic Motorways list, from which this site draws its inspiration.

Lancashire Motorways and Roads Site (LMARS)

Bryn Buck's site concentrating on the roads around his home county of Lancashire. Includes Photo Galleries.


Site that looks at a wide variety of aspects of the UK road network.

Northern Ireland Roads Site

Wesley Johnson's site looking at the road system in Northern Ireland.

The Motorway Archive

A fascinating site written by the engineers who helped to build the network as it stands.

Irish Motorway Info

Take a look at the history and development of the motorway network in the Republic of Ireland.

Motorway Map

A great site showing how the British motorway system would look - if it was drawn like the London Underground!

How Motorways Work

A satirical look into the driving habits of the UK. Some language may not be suitable for the work or school environment - but very, very funny nonetheless...

Autosnelweg Afbeeldingen

Joost Majoor's site examining Dutch, German and Italian Motorways. (in Dutch)

Pathetic Railways

Any site whose first few words are "First off, this site is a total rip off of the absolutely fantastic 'Pathetic Motorways' website" has got to be onto a winner with us here! It's very much a fledgling site, but still worth a look.


pathetic (adj)

1. informal showing no skill, effort, or bravery
2. sad and weak

motorway (noun)

a long, wide road, usually used by traffic travelling fast over long distances


Last update:
26 October 2019
Some small updates to M49 to take account of the new junction under construction