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Bryn Buck has some more information on the history of the WSM:

Just read through the WSM page again - and noticed a slight error - the WSM opened on 15th December 1997, along with the rest of the M65 between Junction 1A and 6.

The reason it was built was to replace the A6 link road, that the M65 was built directly over. The southernmost overbridge on the roundabout is the original J9 bridge from 1969.

The "M65" sign and Motorway reminder signs around the junction were only installed in 2001, so I can't explain why they decided to botch them by calling the roundabout the M65 - it's surely the M61...

Mind, the little blue "Walton Summit" sign is rather daft - it looks so important on the roundabout approaches...

Daniel C:

Sorry to spoil your fun, just that on here you say you can't overtake, yet I'm sure both those vehicles are going under 5mph and I swear the Highway Code says you can overtake vehicles going under 5mph on a double white line.

Hmm... wonder if I can find it...


I see, even better. Stationary vehicles or special vehicles under 10mph.

Graeme Frost writes:

It may be pathetic but its also very dangerous, the turning has taken a few HGVs by surprise and they have gone over. Take care.

An anonymous contributor writes:

Just to correct one of Bryn Buck`s comments - the southern bridge on the roundabout was opened in 1987 as a new M61 junction - sliproads to south only-(prior to that no jct at this location) with a link to A6. It was (and is) named Walton Summit South Bridge in anticipation of the M65 Jct. I know this because I designed it and supervised the construction.

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